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Tricky Creek Alnaab Devil's Reef
Tricky Creek Alnaab                   
Devils Reef
Running Horse Farm was founded in 1969 as a commercial Thoroughbred racehorse breeding farm and been in continuous operation for over 36 years. We've had 1 to 5 stallions at stud each year, breeding about 15-30 mares per year on average. Currently we stand 3 stallions, own 7 mares, various babies, etc. Usually, we race 1 or 2 racehorses per year at racetracks in the Southwest. We breed, raise, care for, and break our own horses. As you may know, racehorses are somewhat like a giant blackhole sucking up ALL the money, and more - so, I suppose, the reward is the journey, not the destination...

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Running Horse Farm LLC

7102 Ilfield Road Southwest
Albuquerque, New Mexico 87105-7046
(505) 873-2220 Farm
(505) 877-4443 Fax
(505) 604-2221 Cel
email: lorenb@runninghorsefarm.com
2007 stallions:

TRICKY CREEK 1986 by Clever Trick x Battle Creek Girl

KingMakerSires' Letter to Breeders: (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)
Tricky Creek Overview (online) Thoroughbred Times Article on Soundness:
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Tricky Creek Overview (downloadable PDF)
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Grayson-Jockey Club Newsletter Vol.23 No 5:
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QuickFaqs ["Among the 2006 Leading NM Sires"]  Tricky Creek Grayson-based Ad
A Model of Consistency Ad Current Highlights [Black PDF Ad]
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NMHBA Magazine
February 2007 Ad
2007 Contract PDF
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ALNAAB 1988, by Mr. Prospector x Hail Maggie
Alnaab Overview
Alnaab QuickFAQs Alnaab 2007 Contract
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DEVIL'S REEF 2001, by Devil Begone x Reham (Gb)
Devil's Reef Overview
Devil's Reef QuickFAQs Devil's Reef 2007 Contract
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Courtesy of KingMaker Sires